Where to have a good lunch for the best price in Český Krumlov?

Feeling hungry in Český Krumlov at lunch time? Try to go where locals go and look for the lunch menu (in Czech "polední menu") - basically lunchtime happy hours. You will get a solid portion of food for really great prices.

In selected restaurants, they offer one to three dishes for a special price, in most cases accompanied by soup. This special offer is valid usually only during the workdays from 11 AM to 2 PM. The earlier you come, the bigger is your chance to select from all the available options. In the lunch menu, you can often find Czech cuisine (not the heaviest one), often also Italian and vegetarian dishes.

And how much does it cost? The two-course lunch costs 99 - 140 Czech crowns (€4 - €5.6)! In Český Krumlov, you can pay more than double for such combo. 

So far, we have tried the lunch menu at Hotel Gold (open for all customers) and Café Retro and we were each time satisfied. At both places, you will get complimentary water and you can pay by card. At Café Retro, you can opt-in for an espresso for an extra 25 CZK (€1).

Here is the list of restaurants offering the lunch menu. You can see the current offer here (it is in Czech but Google Translate will help you).

  • Laibon Restaurant (vegetarian)
  • Restaurant at Hotel Gold
  • Pod Radnicí Restaurant
  • Tenis-Centrum Restaurant
  • Švamberský dům Restaurant
  • Café Retro
  • Hospoda Na Louži
  • Hostinec Depo

Our little tip: Maybe they offer you the standard menu first, do not hesitate to ask for "polední menu".

Lunch menu at Café Retro for 115 CZK including soup