Český Krumlov

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About the city

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most picturesque towns in Europe, located only two hours away from Prague. Make a day trip or stay overnight to enjoy emptier streets in the evening and visit the unique revolving theatre.

What to see and do?

This is just a simplified list, there's much more.

  • The old town: narrow streets and old picturesque houses
  • The castle: three guided tours including a unique baroque theater, castle museum, castle tower, castle garden
  • 20 museums (photography, marionettes, torture, commerce, architecture and craft, and more)
  • Revolving theater
  • Churches, monasteries, and a synagogue
  • Egon Schiele Art Centrum
  • Historical brewery
  • Sailing on a raft
  • Hiking the hills

Český Krumlov Castle

Renaissance and baroque meet high above Vltava river in the second largest castle complex in Bohemia. Four tour routes available, one of them includes one of the most preserved baroque theater in the world.

Revolving Theatre

Enjoy theatre like never before: open-air scene in the baroque castle garden with the auditorium which can rotate so the play is all around you. Choose between opera, ballet, drama, and comedy. English subtitles are always available. Book your tickets in advance - it's almost impossible to buy them on the spot.

Basic information

How to pronounce the city name?

It's "Cze-ski Krum-lov".

Do I need cash?

Yes. In many places, they don't accept cards. However, you can pay by card at the castle or at selected cafés and restaurants - see bellow. It is better to have Czech crowns (CZK, Kč) than euros because the exchange rate is usually disadvantageous.

How to enjoy the city the most?

It's quite simple: stay overnight. Most of the tourists come for a day trip and they leave between 4 and 6 PM. After this time, the town is much emptier, more authentic and romantic. 


Okay, I get why people from around the world love Europe so much! Cesky Krumlov is a total fairytale. If you visit the Czech Republic, don’t just stick to Prague. For €5 you can catch a bus to this…

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這次波蘭捷克行最期待的行程就是去Krumlov 在歐洲最喜歡去這種小鎮 而且不能ㄧ日遊一定要住ㄧ晚 不過CK小鎮真的是滿觀光 離開主要道路Latrán的其它小角落人比較少 一樣可愛好拍處處有驚喜 我們還在ㄧ間小店買了蜂蜜酒 冬天喝溫的夏天喝冰的超好喝 不過目前心裡的排名是 德國Königssee > 奧地利Hallsatt > 捷克Krumlov 大家還有什麼漂亮的歐洲小鎮要推薦給我的嗎?…

Our blog

Where to have a good lunch for the best price in Český Krumlov?

Where to have a good lunch for the best price in Český Krumlov?

Feeling hungry in Český Krumlov at lunch time? Try to go where locals go and look for the lunch menu (in Czech "polední menu") - basically lunchtime happy hours. You will get a solid portion of food for really great prices.

How to get from Vienna to Český Krumlov?

How to get from Vienna to Český Krumlov?

Český Krumlov is located only 165 kilometers (103 miles) north-west of Vienna concerning the air distance. Despite being relatively close to each other, there is no main road or railroad connecting these cities. In this article, we compared all possible means of transportation including the total door-to-door travel time and prices.

How to get from Prague to Český Krumlov?

How to get from Prague to Český Krumlov?

Český Krumlov is located only 140 kilometers (87 miles) south of Prague. However, that is an air distance and land transportation can be quite lengthy. In this article, we compared all possible means of transportation including the total door-to-door travel time and prices.

Where to eat and drink?

Where to have a delicious breakfast?

If you stay overnight, this tip is for you. We recommend a place called Kafírna Na Starém Plešivci in Plešivecká street. This is one of the few cafés in Český Krumlov which are open from the early morning. They serve various breakfast options, coffee, tea, and home-made cakes. Another plus is that they accept cards. 

What is a good place to eat?

There are many many restaurants but it is quite hard to find a good one. Too often, the food is overpriced while the quality is only average. A good ratio of quality and price can be found at Restaurant Travel Hostel (Travellers' Restaurant) - quite ordinary restaurant serving delicious Czech cuisine (cash only). Another good example of a Czech restaurant is Švejk located at the castle stairs (Zámecké schody), they accept cards.

If you are already saturated with Czech cuisine, you can try a great Thai/Vietnamese restaurant in Panská street or Restaurant 99 in Věžní street with an interesting mix of popular international dishes. Cards are accepted in both places.

Where to have a good coffee in Český Krumlov?

It is actually easier to get a good cup of coffee in CK than to find a good restaurant. There are several nice places, we recommend an inconspicuous and quiet place located outside of the main tourist paths. Its name is IDEÁL - Pražírna kávy / Coffee roastery and you can find it here at Horská street. Enjoy an excellent coffee, friendly staff, and vintage atmosphere. They do not accept cards.

Our second tip is Café IN VIVO located in Soukenická street (here). It is a cozy place with nice desserts and good coffee. Cashless payments are possible.

Where to stay?