How to get from Prague to Český Krumlov?

Český Krumlov is located only 140 kilometers (87 miles) south of Prague. However, that is an air distance and land transportation can be quite lengthy. In this article, we compared all possible means of transportation including the total door-to-door travel time and prices.

Going by train

A train is often a comfortable option but there is only a regional railroad track leading towards Český Krumlov and that means, you have to change trains in České Budějovice in most cases. Also, the tickets must be bought separately. There is only one direct connection per day operated by České dráhy (Czech Railways).

One more thing you should be aware of is that the railway station in Český Krumlov is located quite high above the town and the walking distance is about 30 minutes from the old town which makes it difficult when you carry heavy luggage or if there are older people or babies in your group.

  • Price: €1-2 (getting to the station) + €7 (train ticket) = €8-9 per person  
  • Door-to-door travel time: 0:20 (getting to the station) + 0:15 (minimum reserve) + 2:51 (train travel time) + 0:30 (getting to your hotel / old town) = 4 hours

Going by bus

A bus goes very often - on average each half an hour and therefore, it is the most common way how to travel between Prague and Český Krumlov. There are three main companies (RegioJet, FlixBus, and Leo Express) offering a direct bus connection. There are usually a few stops on the way which makes the journey longer than it could be.

Most of the buses do not leave from Prague city center but from a bus station located in the south of Prague, it is called "Na Knížecí" and it is close to Anděl metro station.

  • Price: €1-2 (getting to the station) + €6-10 (bus ticket) = €7-12 per person  
  • Door-to-door travel time: 0:25 (getting to the station) + 0:15 (minimum reserve) + 2:50 (bus travel time) + 0:10 (getting to your hotel / old town) = 3 hours and 40 minutes

Renting a car

Another option is to rent a car. All the major companies offer their services in Prague, you can rent the car at the airport, at the main railway station or in the old town (the closer to the old town, the higher the price is). Please note that all the parking options in Český Krumlov are subject to a charge and it is prohibited to enter the old town (unless your accommodation provides a parking space there).

  • Price: €2-4 (getting to the rental office) + €15-50 (car rental*) + €9 parking fee (half of the day fee) + €15 (fuel, one-way) = €41-78 per car
  • Door-to-door travel time: 0:20 (getting to the office) + 0:30 (paper work) + 2:00 (driving time) + 0:10 (searching for a parking space, parking, and paying) + 0:10 (getting to your hotel / old town) = 3 hours and 10 minutes

* The price of a one-day rental with the pick-up and drop-off in Prague, divided by 2 to get the one-way price.

Taking a direct door-to-door shared transfer (shuttle)

There is also a fourth option which may surprise you. You can be picked up at your hotel (or Airbnb or basically any place) and the driver will take you directly to the old town in Český Krumlov - to your hotel or to a place which is ideal to start your day trip. The ride is shared with other passengers (the maximum capacity is 8) but it can happen that you are the only group/individual traveling. The price remains the same.

This service combines the best of the private chauffeur service (door-to-door transportation) and the best of public transportation (sharing the cost and capacity with other passengers).  There is no need to search for the bus stop and your hotel, no need to change the means of transportation or drive by yourself.

  • Price: €20-29 per person (see details)
  • Door-to-door travel time: 0:00 - 0:30 (picking up other passengers) + 2:00 (driving time) + 0:00 - 0:15 (dropping off other passengers) = 2 hours to 2 hours and 45 minutes
  • See more details about the transfers between Prague and Český Krumlov


There are numerous ways of how to get to Český Krumlov. While the bus is the most frequent and can be also the cheapest option, the direct door-to-door transfer is the fastest and most convenient way of transportation.