From Hallstatt
to Český Krumlov

Direct door-to-door transfer, shared with other travelers

From Český Krumlov
to Hallstatt

Direct door-to-door transfer, shared with other travelers

Private transfers available

Request a custom-made private transfer and go directly or stop on the way in Bad Ischl, Linz, Vyšší Brod, or Rožmberk.

This route is temporarily suspended until April 14. Read more.
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Why choose us?

  • Five-star rating on TripAdvisor 
  • The fastest travel time 
  • Pick-up and drop-off wherever you want
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  • Maximum 8 passengers and no minimum required
  • Brand new cars, strictly non-smoking
  • Free Wi-Fi, power sockets, A/C, a bottle of water
  • English speaking driver
  • Unlimited luggage

Prices and discounts

Rate Price Note
1-2 adults €39 / person
3-4 adults €35 / person 10% discount
5-6 adults €30 / person 23% discount
7-8 adults €25 / person 36% discount
Child €19.5 / person 50% discount
Private van from €239 / van Request now
Spacious interior with plenty of space for you and your luggage.
Recline your seat and relax on the way.
Refill important minerals with our complimentary water from pure Czech nature.
Charge your mobile devices and connect to high-speed WiFi

Plan your perfect itinerary

Our direct door-to-door transfer from Hallstatt to Český Krumlov (and vice versa) takes around 3 hours (plus the time for pick-up and drop-off) which is the fastest and most convenient way of transportation between these two cities, especially when you consider that there is no direct bus or train connection. The route runs through the beautiful Austrian and Czech landscape. There is a short stop on the way where you can use a free toilette.

Hallstatt - Český Krumlov - Prague

We pick you up at your hotel and take you directly to Český Krumlov. Spend a night there, discover the city and the castle the next day and continue with us in the afternoon to Prague.

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Hallstatt - Český Krumlov - Vienna

Our driver picks you up in the early afternoon and takes you directly to your hotel in Český Krumlov. Enjoy a night or two there and continue with us the next day morning to Vienna.

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Timetable Hallstatt → Český Krumlov

Obertraun 02:15 PM
Hallstatt 02:30 PM
Bad Goisern 02:45 PM
Bad Ischl 02:55 PM
Český Krumlov 05:30 PM

Timetable Český Krumlov → Hallstatt

Český Krumlov 10:30 AM
Bad Ischl 01:05 PM
Bad Goisern 01:15 PM
Hallstatt 01:30 PM
Obertraun 01:45 PM

Pick-up and drop-off times usually differ from the times above. The times may be affected by traffic conditions.

Discover the cities

Hallstatt - a fairy-tale village squeezed between the lake and the mountains. Enjoy the breathtaking views and learn more about the Salzkammergut area (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Český Krumlov (pronunciation Cze-ski Krum-lov) - a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most picturesque towns in Europe, located only two and a half hour away from Vienna.