Door-to-Door: How does it work?

This information serves mostly to shared transfer users, private transfers are fit exactly to your needs.

It's included!

Each transfer includes pick-up and drop-off at the address you wish with some little limitation - see below.

Last-minute exception: We can't pick you up wherever you wish if you bought your shared transfer ticket less than 18 hours before departure. Please come to our meeting point.

We'd like to go everywhere, but...

Of course, we can't go to pedestrian or traffic-restricted zones. Also, we don't serve airports as a part of shared transfers. If you wish to go to the airport, please use our private transfers. See the most important excluded areas.

If you select some address we can't go to, we'll contact you to agree on some alternative spot.

Pick-up and drop-off time

If you're using our shared transfer, please note that the pick-up time is usually before the departure time stated on your ticket and the drop-off time is always after the arrival time. It depends on your location, location of other customers and estimated traffic condition, so please count with that in your schedule.

We will send you the exact pick-up time by e-mail the evening before your departure (by 8 PM CET). This e-mail also contains our emergency phone number. So please check your mailbox incl. the Spam/Junk folder.

If you should have already received the e-mail but you haven't, please contact us. If our car is late for your pick-up (e.g. bad traffic condition) we will keep you updated about the new time.

Read our messages

The evening before departure, check your email for pick-up instructions. It can wander into the Spam or Bulk folder.

On the day of departure, make sure that we can contact you at the telephone number you provided when booking. If your number has changed, let us know. We will not write or call you if everything goes as planned (in 90% of cases), but sometimes, there is a delay or a sudden traffic restriction and then it is important to contact you quickly.

Don't keep others waiting

If you use our shared transfers, please be prepared with all your belongings at the time we sent you by e-mail on the street so that the driver does not have to wait for you.

Because other passengers are waiting for us and we have a busy schedule ahead of us, we can only wait for you for 5 minutes (in the extreme case, 10). Of course, we will do everything to connect with you and avoid any inconvenience. We will also try to inform you if there is a delay so that you do not have to wait too early.

Find more about door-to-door in FAQ.