Ore Mountains Mining Region

A new UNESCO world heritage site

Day trip from Prague to Ore Mountains

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Discover this unique mining region located on the Czech-German border before others do.

A remote, rough landscape without mass tourism is now accessible to you. Be one of the first visitors.

About the area

Thanks to more than 800 years of continuous mining and processing of ores (including silver and uranium), a unique mining landscape was created in the Ore Mountains with unique mountain monuments above and below ground. 

What to see and do?

This is just a simplified list, there's much more.

  • The Johannes Adit - 500 years of mining history in 2.5 hours
  • Mauritius Mine - historic tin mine in its original state from the second half of the 16th century
  • Jáchymov Radon Spa - the first radon spa in the world
  • Royal Mint Museum, Jáchymov - Did you know that the name "dollar" comes from here?
  • Svornost Mine and Adit No. 1, Jáchymov - the oldest uranium mine in the world
  • Red Tower of Death - a symbol of the suffering of political prisoners in the 1950s
  • Abertamy–Boží Dar–Horní Blatná Mining Cultural Landscape

  • Dippoldiswalde Medieval Silver Mines
  • Schindlers Werk Blue Dye Factory

  • Grünthal Liquation Hut Complex

Basic information


The Ore Mountains are located along the Czech-German border, they reach into Karlovy Vary Region, Ústí nad Labem Region, and Saxony.

Original name

Czech: Krušnohoří or Krušné hory, German: Erzgebirge

#krusnehory #erzgebirge

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