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About the city

There's no need to introduce Prague (Praha) - the Czech capital. A magical city (and that's not just a phrase) which will enchant you with its atmosphere. Full of history but living in the present. 

You probably already know what are the must-see places in Prague, so here are our MiniBuzz tips:

Early morning walk

Prague can be crowded by tourists (especially in the summer) but don't worry - wake up early (earlier than the other tourists :) and enjoy the iconic places like Old Town Square or Charles Bridge almost empty while the sun is already shining. We love it and you will too!

Try different look-outs

See the city from above. Take the funicular to get to the Petřín Tower which is a smaller copy of Eiffel Tower.

Visit the highest building in Prague - Žižkov Tower. According to some, it's also the ugliest. But we don't think so. You can also have something to eat in the tower's restaurant.

Other smaller but also interesting look-outs can be found on the rooftop of the National Monument at Vítkov or at Letná's pendulum - a place you can chill out at with a beer in your hand.

Žižkov Tower

Eat local food and drink beer (responsively :)

One of the best places in Prague to eat some Czech food and drink beer is Kantýna (Politických věznů street). Kantýna means "canteen" which doesn't sound much fancy. But this one is different: it's also partially self-service and you can end up standing when you're not lucky enough to catch a table, but the quality is superior. Taste a bit of everything.

Another place we recommend is Lokál - there're more of them and all offer typical Czech food, such as svíčková, and, of course, plzeň (Pilsner Urquell) - the most iconic Czech beer.


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Prague Honest Guide

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