Shared Transfer Prague ⇄ Salzburg

Direct door-to-door transfer with regular departures. You may share the ride with other passengers. Or request a private one.

From Prague to Salzburg

From Salzburg to Prague

Why choose us?

  • Five-star rating on TripAdvisor 
  • The fastest travel time
  • Pick-up and drop-off wherever you want
  • Easy booking with instant confirmation
  • Free cancellation and money-back guarantee
  • Maximum 8 passengers
  • Brand new cars, strictly non-smoking
  • Free Wi-Fi, power sockets, A/C, a bottle of water
  • English speaking driver
  • Unlimited luggage

Prices and discounts

Rate Price Note
1 adult €65 / person
2-4 adults €59 / person 9% discount
5-6 adults €55 / person 15% discount
7-8 adults €50 / person 23% discount
Child €32.5 / person 50% discount
Private car from €249 / car Request now

Plan your perfect itinerary

For the journey from Prague to Salzburg (and vice versa), you can use our shared transfers going via Český Krumlov with the travel time of 5 hours (plus the time for pick-up and drop-off) which is faster than any bus or train between these two cities. Please note that there are only breaks for coffee and toilet on the way, it is not possible to visit Český Krumlov with this kind of ticket.

Or take advantage of our private transfer with the travel time of slightly more than 4 hours (if you choose to go directy).

Stop in Český Krumlov

If you wish to make a stop in Český Krumlov, please buy two separate tickets for two days or the MiniBuzz Pass.

Other interesting stops on the way

If you choose a private transfer, you can add stops in České Budějovice, Hluboká, Český Krumlov, Linz, Austrian lakes...

Discover the cities

Prague (in Czech Praha) - the capital of the Czech Republic. A magical city (and that's not just a phrase) which will enchant you with its atmosphere.

Salzburg - Stage of the World - a nickname reflecting that this UNESCO city will be forever connected with music. Stroll through the historic streets of this city below the Alps.